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25 January 2009 @ 05:00 pm
CLDR Awards! Nominations.  

If you have no idea what CLDR is, please just ignore this post. Thank you!



1.) Make one nomination for each category.
2.) Nominate characters, not muns.
3.) Each mun may make one set of nominations. I have your I.P. addresses logged so I'll know if you're cheating.
4.) Please don't just nominate your friends. Consider every character in CLDR. I don't want bias to affect the voting.
5.) You can only avoid submitting a nomination on a maximum of two categories.
6.) I would appreciate it if you formatted your posts as: [category name] : [nomination]


Most likely to blow up the Nexus
Evil overlords, clumsy idiots and those who find themselves working with potentially unsafe chemicals can all be nominated for this category. I'm sure you have somebody in mind.

Biggest Whore
What this category wants is in the title. Who in CLDR will most likely attempt to sleep with you?

Little Miss/Mister Sunshine
This is the person who is always smiling and attempting to remain optimistic. They're always the first welcoming people into the dressing room, and usually try to lift the mood in serious moments.

Cutest Couple
Which couple in the dressing room makes you squeal every time you see them together? Keep it in mind that these are nominations for existing couples only.

Two people you think should be in a relationship
Which two people in the dressing room fill you with fangirl glee every time you see them together? Keep it in mind that nominations for this should not be existing couples.

Most likely to molest you in your sleep
Creeps, line up over here! Those people who have something odd about them, or just send shivers down your spine should be nominated for this category.

Biggest Drunk
Nine times out of ten you'll see this person wandering around in a drunken stupor. I bet you can think of plenty of people from the top of your head.

Sparkle Abuser
We've all used sparkles at least once in CLDR, but who is the person who you can predict will use sparkles before they even post?

Most Fabulous
This speaks for itself. Who is the most fabulous person at CLDR? Full of wit and sparkles and gayness.

Most Awesome OC
First causing controversy when they arrived, OCs are now a everyday part of CLDR. But out of all of them, who stands out from the crowd?

Biggest Flirt
Ooh la la! This person is the guy or gal who you'll always see trying to work their charms on others.

Most likely to evoke the wrath of PMS on you
You should nominate the person who is always cranky for this, or someone who can go from nought to over 9000 in a matter of moments.

Moaner of the Year
We've all moaned about being forced to stay in this dimensional nexus, but who is the person who has moaned about everything possible?!

Most Cuddly
This person could be, "OMG SUPER KAWAII LULZ!!11ONE!!1", a generally nice person or perhaps something different from that! You do have somebody in mind, don't you?

Most Improved
The stay at CLDR has affected people in various ways, for the better and worse. But I ask you, who is the person who has improved the most?

Hot Stuff
Phwoarr! Who's the hottest person in the dressing room? I'm sure you're lusting over them already.

Most likely to be Molested
Innocent, stupid or just naive? Who knows. All in all, this person is a very easy target.

Best Clothing
Well, somebody has to be a fashionista around here...

Nominations are open on 25th January 2009
Nominations close on 30th January 2009

Results will be announced at cpslk_drssngrm at a later date.

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incestfrombelow on January 26th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Rachael: Soul Eater: LOL HAY THARrachiechanx on January 26th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
My, I never expected you to be so rude Miss Margatroid.~